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from new york city. always good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's start with the bad news. we're seeing the pictures come out of new york and new jersey. you're saying this has a definite impact on the health of people especially living there. can you talk about it dr. oz? >> well, i, like so many others, living without heat. stresses you out at a very different level. turns out that after these types of natural disasters, the heart attack rate increases by three fold. because of the stress that continuous on going stress. especially when you don't feel like you can control it. the advice i'm giving all the folks is at first off, lots of water. helps thin the blood and the water is still clean here. secondly, everybody feeling stressed including the washington area, it's getting incredibly important to keep taking your medications. pharmacies have bonded together. you can get the meds from other places. and finally, and most importantly, the real help is not going to come from the federal government or police officers. it's going to come from your neighbors. we've always been
in an odd number, and tomorrow drivers with tags ending in an even number can fill up in new york city. with all the power outages, only a quarter of gas stations are operating. that causes long lines, of course, which officials say has caused panic buying and hoarding. >> it has worked well in new jersey and although the shortages are more severe here because we're further down the supply chain, we help it will mitigate the worse of our problems. >> there's good news in staten island, fema's mobile office is open again following the nor'easter this week. >>> very special arrival in new york in the wake of superstorm sandy. a fire truck named the spirit of louisiana being pulled into long beach from the bayou state. it was built 11 years ago and sent to new york as a replacement truck after the 9/11 attacks. it was then sent back to louisiana to help after hurricane katrina. the truck will now help in new york. >>> 11 minutes after 7:00 on this friday morning. increased efforts to battle a big problem in d.c. schools. students who don't show up. coming up next, details of one idea on t
, helping to restore power there. they have underground line crews working with officials in new york city. and then the crews that left here today should arrive later today, this evening, in new jersey. once they get settled in and staged, they could go out and begin their work either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. that's the latest here. back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you very much. >>> in new york, controversy surrounding the city's annual marathon. while hundreds of thousands remain in the dark, two generators were brought in to power the tents for the race sunday. they could produce enough power for up to 400 homes. the mayor says it's marathon must go on as scheduled. >>> for all the latest updates on sandy's aftermath, head to our web site, you'll find up-to-date information on recovery efforts, power outages, and closings in our area that are still in effect. tony? >>> new jersey rocker bruce springsteen says his home state will rebound from the devastation of sandy. at a concert last night on the campus of penn state university, he thanked new jersey govern
to the northeast, it's 33 in new york city. and much of the area there in the upper 20s and low 30s. there's still hundreds of thousands without power. keep our fingers crossed they warmup later today. here's a look at satellite radar. one or two clouds to start your day. mostly sunny. later this afternoon high clouds move in. rain down into georgia and south carolina, that's the making of our coastal storm. we will have clouds around tomorrow. and the storm is going to be just far enough off shore. but i want to emphasize that path is not set in stone and could wobble a little. if it were to come west, we would be dealing with more of rain, wind and potential for winter weather around here wednesday into thursday. >> let's hope it doesn't do the wobble wobble and come in here. >> or wobble east. there's your 7 day forecast. a warmup this weekend . sunday veteran's day and we observe it on moon. should be 65 by monday. >> thanks. >> let's go to julie. she likes the sound of those words. >> i thought we were going to do the wobble. >> you're the only one who feels me on it. >> i didn't know it was
pittsburgh. 30 in columbus. 38 this morning in new york city. still have this cold chunk of air and area of high pressure to our north. that will be a good thing, because it will give us clearing skies shortly. few light showers south and east of the city. southern maryland, st. mary's city, might encounter a light shower or across the bay into st. michaels. few light sprinkles early. upper level disturbance moving through quickly. should move north and east, and you can see into the west now where we're getting clearing skies and that means lots of sunshine shortly. i think by 9:00, 10:00 this morning, should be mostly sunny and bright and beautiful afternoon. 54 today. weekend forecast generally looking good. 54 tomorrow. sunday, partly sunny. redskins and d.c. united. will not be raining, but clouds sunday afternoon. monday cloudy. most of next week looks quiet. traveling tuesday and wednesday, thursday looks good, too, for thanksgiving. >> thanks, tuck. >> let's go to julie wright now. >> good morning, tony, allison, tucker. you'll find traffi
service began this morning. >>> new york city police officers are checking cars coming in to new york on the four bridges over the east river. this was the scene at the brooklyn bridge. in an effort to cut down on gridlock. cars had to have three people in them in order to be let in to the city. >> we talked about progress there in new york city. but just a little fwurt south new jersey still a disaster zone. >> going to be a long road back for an area dealing of floods, fires, no food and toxic water. joins us live with more, good morning, jennifer this is a smal summertime beach community. beloved by the people and families coming here for decades. the national guard is in this community as we are. take a look at what is left behind. when sandy hit here, hit with such force. looking like a series of hollywood explosions. sending the floors into smitherines. beginning today, residents and businesses will be able to file for federal assistance. but everyone knows this is one small step on a long road to recovery. >> president obama spent part of the day wednesday getting a firsthand l
living without power. in new york, mayor bloomberg allowed a 3 passenger minimum for cars into the city. parts of the city subway system not flooded with water reopened with limited service today. about 25% of new jersey is still under water trapping thousands of residents. >> two maryland ambulance strike teams headed out today to help with the recovery efforts in new jersey. crews went to egg harbor township. they will be assisting in patient evacuations and 911 emergency responses. among the most recent to be killed, five people in west virginia. some areas got hit with more than 2 feet of snow. one of the victims, a republican candidate for the west virginia state house. he was killed in an accident. still there you are seeing new jersey video. now you are seeing west virginia and the snowy situation brought on by sandy. the tragic scope of that part of the storm, two ofthose deaths happened in barber county. and joining us cindy heart, director of emergency services. thanks for joining us. i know it's a difficult day. thanks for joining us by phone. >> you're welcome. >> i want to
at the gas stations there. they are rationing gas. here is how it works. today drivers in new york city and on long island can only buy gas if their license plates end in an odd number. tomorrow is an even day, so drivers with tags ending in an even number can fill up. it's not that there are shortages of fuel, but with the power outages, the mayor says only a quarter of gas stations there are operating, causing extremely long lines in last week. >> the best way we think to cut down on the lines and help customers buy gas faster to help gas stations stay open longer, and to reduce the potential for disorder is to alternate the days drivers can purchase gas. >> i think that's a great idea to slow this gas thing up, because it's ridiculous. >> it's been crazy up there. governor of new york says the losses could total $33 billion, and that's just one state. overall total may be closer to $50 billion. the governor gave the estimate at a briefing yesterday, where he slammed the power companies for taking more than a week to restore electricity to some. the nor'easter caused another 200,000 t
and subways. tempers are flaring over long gas station lines. new york mayor bloomberg says the city is sending bottled water and ready to eat meals in some areas. >>> our area is also sending aid up north. >> in about 30 minutes dominion virginia power will deploy more than 70 trucks and more than 1,000 workers to help new jersey with their cleanup and recovery efforts. >> sherri ly is live at their staging grounds at national harbor with more on this. good morning, sherri. >> reporter: good morning, tony, good morning, allison. this is the largest deployment ever by dominion virginia to send eight to another area out of state. you can see here they've already got their crews, their trucks here. they have line crews underground line crews already helping to restore power in lower manhattan. now this contingent here will be leaving for areas in new jersey. dominion is sending 1500 workers along with 200 to 250 bucket trucks. some will be departing at 7:30 this morning from national harbor headed to new jersey. millions in the northeast remain without power after sandy caused widespre
at this hour towards new york city. you can see the storm wrapping up though. and deep low pressure there. all of that pushing off to the north and to the east. and we're on the backside of it. cloud cover hanging tough here across the midatlantic. but the trend will be more and more sunshine later this afternoon. and warmer than yesterday. today we'll be in the low 50s. lsht. currently 41 in washington. with all the power outages it is miserable up there. 27 in pittsburgh. and 27 in columbus . good chunk of cold airparked across midatlantic. >>> i went to notice a couple features here. going to be breezy this afternoon. even with sunshine, very cool. a nice warming trend towards the end of the weekend. sunshine, 65. monday close to 70 with sunshine. warmer temperatures by the end of next week. >> very strange. >> we will take that. >> we will definitely take it. it is a little strange. >> let's go to julie. she'll take it too. >> if you don't want it, i'll take your share. >> no, no, no. i got it. >> on the roads we've been busy. very complicated ride northeast of town. we have a new crash t
's going to intensify. really want to emphasize, the worst is our north and east. up towards new york city. and we're sort of on the back edge of it. it's not going to be a perfect marker. think about the 95 corridor sort of the western edge is going to get later today. out towards -- i don't think you'll see much more of clouds. you'll see rain showers and later this afternoon it will likely mix with or change to snow. could we get accumulation? possible some of the grassy surfaces could get coated later this afternoon and tonight. accumulations are north and east up towards philadelphia. could get a couple inches later this afternoon and tonight. for us, 42. cold and cloudy. rain and snow likely this afternoon. light accumulations. best chance will be north and northeast of the city. there's your accu weather 7 day. 50 tomorrow, breezy and cold behind the front. warmup with sunshine through the end of the weekend. back in the mid 60s. okay. that's a look at weather. let's do traffic and get the latest from julie. >> good morning to you. on the roads your lanes are open with no issues re
, too. they are a new york city based all girl band that pays tribute to one of the most successful bands of all time, led zeppelin. lez zeppelin as they are called will be in concert tomorrow in falls church, two members of the band shannon and steph joining us this morning. this is very exciting. sometimes when you say tribute band, people get a certain image in their head. you know, you guys don't dress up like led zeppelin or anything like that. this is really, this is an act of love that what you do. tell me about it and how you got started. >> well, it's actually interesting you say that, because we don't consider ourselves a tribute band. i started the band about eight years ago purely out of love for the music. we feel we sort of channel it and she incarnated to a certain extent, and as musicians, this is the greatest rock music of our time. we believe that, and we never get sick of it and every night is different and it's like a classical musician who finds a piece of work and brings herself to it. that's what we do. >> when you perform, what is the reaction of the fans who
himself. 12 people were kill ed and 58 hurt. >> new york city residents continue cleaning up after super storm sandy, many are struggling with a new battle. they are getting sick. several reports of a bad cough and migraine headaches going around. some think it could be signs of toxic exposure. >> i serve a lot of the areas this past weekend and i can tell you there are environmental toxic waste land because of all the oil that has seeped into the ground. those chemicals tend to linger for a long time. >> the city's health department says recent testing shows outdoor air quality is good but officials warn about toxins in doors. >> it is 7:11 now. thursday morning. is it the end of the road for our dear twinkies. why hostess might shut down the plant tomorrow. >> connecting fathers through bars with art. i'll have that coming up. >> nothing like a hot bath after a long day at work. what about a bath filled with wine and a bunch of other people? >> and a baby in there. >> what this tradition is all about. >> and as we take you to the break, the latest weather and traffic from tucker and j
thing to complain about. >> 48 this morning in new york city. 49 in richmond. out to the west , ohio is 55 degrees. check out chicago now, 31. 24 degree difference there in temperatures as that front moves through. 54 in columbus. cooler air headed in our direction here. sunshine for the next hour or two and the clouds start to move in from the west. you'll see bits and pieces and we should remain dry. later tonight and overnight tonight into tomorrow and the good news the front is moving fast, right back in the sunshine tomorrow afternoon. noticeably cooler. upper 60s today and daytime highs tomorrow. struggle to get to 50 believe it or not. don't put the jackets away quite yet. 52 tomorrow. and bounce around in the 50s for the remainder of the week. sunshine for much of this week. and good eating weather upksgiv. >> don't say it. i'm determined this year i'm not going to go through this. the same thing over and over. the wonderful holiday season, we eat too much and look at the mirror and say what have we done? >> it's tradition. you have to do it. >> i'm going to go through it? wh
of the most iconic so far hits news stands today. this is today's cover of new york magazine. shows manhattan at the peak of the big apple blackout. photographer ivan ban snapped the picture wednesday night from a helicopter hovering 5,000 feet above the city. >> all right. it is now 8:43 on this monday morning. coming up next, one woman's billion dollar idea opens doors. we'll have a sneak peak inside. >> the presidential election first feline candidate. >> good morning. you know what? excitement right now for hello kitty. the candidates have just arrived rallying the troops. hello kitty and tuxedo sam are here. they are running on friendship, fun and happiness. talk more about the history of hello kitty. what you need to know about her before you vote for her. live in the living social space. have you been here? we're going to talk about that and why you should take advantage of it. stay with us. charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over
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